“The leaders in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)”

About US

Gulf Engineering Projects (“GEP”)  is a leading global engineering and drilling company, specializing in trenchless technology. The company was founded in 2017 by the current CEO, and veteran driller, Mr. Qasim Mohamed Allawati. The drilling division, known as Muscat Underground, focuses on Horizontal Directional Drilling (“HDD”), Augur Boring, Pipe Jacking, and Micro-tunneling.

GEP has been successfully providing integrated engineering, design and HDD construction services around the world. GEP specializes in servicing pipeline operating companies and pipeline contractors with long, complex, challenging, large or small scale HDD requirements. The company portfolio includes over 115+ engineering projects within less than a year.

Today, GEP is on the leading large HDD contractor focusing on large and small diameter crossings in the oil, gas, water, and power transmission markets. As a result, the company owns and operates one of the largest fleet of ‘state of the art’ No-Dig equipment in the Middle East region.

Since established, GEP has drilled over 10,000 meters of length, and up to 22 meters of depth. Some of GEP’s fleet consists of multiple Vermeer D330x500 rigs, Ditch Witch 4020 rigs, Ditch Witch JT 100, Vermeer D100x120, Vermeer D36x50, Ditch Witch 3020, etc.
GEP’s evolution over the year included the creation of an HDD engineering and design team, as well as a world class sales and marketing group dedicated to supporting the customer.
The middle east market remains a strength for the business; however, as demand has shifted, so did their geographic expansion to areas with challenging subsurface.