Management Team

Mr. Qasim Mohamed Allawati – Chief Executive Officer , [email protected], Mr. Allawati is the CEO of the Company. He is the company founder and has developed the company to encompass a wide variety of construction services, including design engineering, trenchless technology and building construction. Mr. Allawati is a M.S degree holder in Power System Engineering and has worked at different entities in Oman. 

Mr. Navaz Hassan – Senior Project Manager , [email protected], Mr. Hassan is the Project Manager HDD, his exposure and long experience in the field of Geotechnical Engineering, Drilling Industry, Horizontal Direction Drilling Techniques, Hydropower, Energy, Geoinformatics, Mineral Exploration, Oil and gas, mining companies was his basis to prove his talent to increase the company productivity.

Mr. Baskaran Ramanathan – Senior Project Manager , [email protected], Mr. Ramanathan is the companies Sr Project Manager. Mr. Baskaran is holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering specializing in power system, and power transmission. He has over 28 years of international experience working in countries such as India, Libya, Kuwait, Qatar, KSA, and UAE. His experience includes working on Over Head Transmission Line from 11kV to 400kV, Under Ground Cable works from 11kV to 220 kV, Project & Construction Management, Contracts, Planning, negotiations, Execution, Co-ordination of contract documentations & drawings, Progress reports, Project monitoring & Control, Execution of Projects right from the tender stage up to handing over.